Often the hands know
how to solve a riddle
with which the intellect
has wrestled in vain.

C. G. Jung


The client is given the possibility
to set up a world corresponding
to his or her inner state.

Dora M. Kalff


The idea for this website emerged many years ago during a conference for Sandplay therapists in Austin, Texas. I remember overhearing a discussion among a small group of therapists who, between presentations, argued about not being able to purchase proper and reasonably priced equipment for their private Sandplay practices.

Apparently, there was an opportunity for someone, who liked to work with wood, clay, and other media, to fill a niche. So I made a few trays and stands, purchased a block of clay and some interesting glazes and made a small selection of samples. After a couple of trial runs at other conferences, which were rather successful, I decided to give this endeavor more time and my full attention.

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