About SandPlay-Etc.

The idea for this website emerged many years ago during a conference for Sandplay therapists in Austin, Texas. I remember overhearing a discussion among a small group of therapists who, between presentations, argued about not being able to purchase proper and reasonably priced equipment for their private Sandplay practices. In particular they mentioned trays, folding stands, and handmade and unique miniatures, all of which are the main staple of every Sandplay therapist.

Apparently, there was an opportunity for someone, who liked to work with wood, clay, and other media, to fill a niche. So I made a few trays and stands, purchased a block of clay and some interesting glazes and made a small selection of samples. After a couple of trial runs at other conferences, which were rather successful, I decided to give this endeavor more time and my full attention.

I set up shop in my garage, assembled the necessary set of tools and went to work. I quickly realized that therapists liked my products and the word spread. I have not missed a national or international conference since. Outside of the US, my trays are now in use in Brazil, Israel, Germany, Japan, Canada, Belgium, and South Africa.

I was and still am always open to feedback and suggestions from my customers, and I try to incorporate their ideas into new and existing items. Of course it always helps to have a wife who is a Sandplay therapist and has been one for many years. We live in the mountains of New Mexico outside Albuquerque and work at our community college – my wife as a counselor (in addition to her private practice) and I as an assistant to severely disabled students.

A resource for Sandplay Therapists